Giovanni Presutti - Photography


10/06/2019 - Dear Giovanni Presutti, We are pleased to inform you that your book has been selected for this year’s exhibition. The selected books will be displayed during the Athens Photo Festival 2019 at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138 in Athens from 13 June until 28 July. With my  "THE ERA OF BEYOND TRUTH"!


22/5/2019 - Next 25th may my exhibition POST with Stefano parrini and Andrea buzzichelli in Prato at 7 p.m. at Lato Gallery, and at 9.30 p.m. the talk about our projects included my new book "The era of beyond truth" At SEDICI in Corte Genova always in Prato. Waiting for you!


05/04/2019 - Next 11th april will be in Perugia with  Stefano parrini, to talk about  my new book "The era of beyond truth"! At officine creative  at 6.30 p.m.


28/03/2019 - Next 3th april will be in Milan with Steve Bisson, Urbanautica Institute publisher, and other Synap(see) artists, Andrea Buzzichellli and Stefano parrini, to talk about  my new book "The era of beyond truth"! At officine Fotografiche  at 7 p.m.


14/12/2018 -Give a look at my interview published on Urbanautica around my work and my new book!


13/11/2018 - On 17 th november in Treviso at Benetton Foundation, opening at 6p.m., the exhibition "A three year investigation between environmnet and photography" of Synap(see) Collective. I will wait you there!


05/11/2018 - I will be in Paris with my publisher Urbanautica Institute in partnership with Fujifilm Italia and Faservice at booth 212 of fotofever paris 2018 on the 10th november afternoon from 17:00 at Carrousel du Louvre to booksign my new book "The era of beyond truth"!



26/10/2018 - My new book is out! "The era of beyond truth" published by Urbanautica institute, to buy it write to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or go the publisher page


22/05/2018 - Collective exhibition at Foto Forum in Bolzano with Synap(see) collective, opening on 26th may at 6 p.m.


19/03/2018 - My exhibition "Terre Medicee" at Seravezza Fotografia! opening on 24th march at 11 a.m.


16/03/2018 - My exhibition "Da Prato a Prato" at Die Mauer Gallery in Prato! opening on 17th march at 6 p.m.


15/03/2018 - Nice review about my work "Contemporanea" on L'Intellettuale Dissidente


01/02/2018 - China land on Pratosfera!


28/01/2018 - I'll took part in a collective exhibition in Bologna. BURST a books explosion curated by Chippendale Studio. Opening on 1th february at 7p.m. Capodilucca Creative Hub Bologna


18/12/2017 - An article about my works on the Korean


12/11/2017 - I was the winner of IFAP prize category Staged Human Experience! here the pic about the prizegiving at Carrousel du Louvre



11/11/2017 - My dependency # 15 in Velib to represent all The photography events in November in Paris!


10/11/2017 - New exhibition for LYNK Prize  opening on 17th september at 6p.m. at Lokarjeva Galerija, Slovenia.


09/11/2017 - Collective exhibition for Triennale Della Fotografia Italiana at palazzo Zenobio in Venice opening on 11th november at 6 p.m. 


05/11/2017 - IFAP finalist exhibition at Fotofever, Carrousel du Louvre in Paris on Thursday November 9th AT 6 P.M., I'll be there! waiiting for you


28/10/2017 - An article about my works on the Polish online newspaper Swiat


14/10/2017 - China Land on the prestigious China Life Magazine on the October issue!


04/10/2017 - waiting for you in London! RENAISSANCE PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE






14/09/2017 - Finalist at Lynx Prize! with the work "Castello dell'Imperatore from the project China land, opening on 23th september at 6p.m. at Lux Art Gallery in Trieste.


13/09/2017 - On 16th september I'll be in Prato at Quilombo space to talk about the new Synap(see) Collective magazine, "Fiume" at 4.30 p.m. I wait for you!


01/09/2017 - Isole di plastica at Projection Nignts In Kauna Photo festival next weekend!


23/08/2017 - Finalist at the prestigious Renaissance Prize! final exhibition in London at Getty's gallery in october


17/07/2017 - On 29th july I'll be in Baratti (LI)  at Casa Esagono to talk about the new Synap(see) Collective magazine, "Fiume" at 6.00 p.m. I wait for you!


17/06/2017 - Give a look at my interview published on PhotogrVphy magazine!


31/05/2017 - Finalist with dependency #15 in the prestigious prize IFAP!


28/05/2017 - Mentioned in Combat Prize with the work "China Land"


18/05/2017 - Interview in this video about Synap/see) collective in Funzilla Festival


15/05/2017 - On 20th may I'll be in Rome at Funzilla Festival to talk about the new Synap(see) Collective magazine, "Fiume" at 6.00 p.m. I wait for you!


07/02/2017 - On 12th february I'll be in Florence at Fondazione Studio Marangoni to talk about the new Synap(see) Collective magazine, "Fiume" at 5.00 p.m. I wait for you!


15/01/2017 - On 18th january I'll be in Calenzano (FI) to talk about my work, at 9.00 p.m. at Biblioteca civica Via Della Conoscenza 11, I wait for you!


05/12/2016 -Exhibition with Synap(see) Collective at Lato galley in Prato  with the work "Parco" , opening on 8th december at 6.30 p.m.


15/11/2016 - On next issue of "Il Fotografo" (outgoing next 20th november) an interview to me realized by Enrico Ratto


03/10/2016 - Synaps(ee) won Slideluck Prato! next december parco will be expose in Lato Gallery at Prato


01/10/2016 - Collective exhibition, with my work Satori,  "Confini 13" in Ctania at Sikanie Gallery. Opening on3th October at 6 p.m.


29/09/2016 - Exhibition with Synap(see) Collective in Rosignano Foto Festival  with the work "Parco" , opening on 30th september at 6p.m., our Conference on sunday 2th october at 4p.m.


19/09/2016 - Collective exhibition, with my work Satori,  "Confini 13" in Mestre at Centro Culturale Candiano. Opening on 17th September at 6 p.m. 


27/08/2016 - Collective exhibition, with my work Satori,  "Confini 13" in Florence at le Murate . Opening on 29th August at 6 p.m. 


25/08/2016 - On 01th september I'll be in Florence to talk about our Synap(see) Collective, at 9.00 p.m. at Le Murate, I wait for you! 


27/07/2016 - Exhibition with Synap(see) Collective at Casa Esagono in Baratti (LI), with the work "Parco" , opening on 30th july at 6.30 p.m.


16/07/2016 - Solo Exhibition with my work "Hello Dolly!" at Die Mauer Gallery in Prato. Opening on 21th july at 7.30p.m.


15/07/2016 - My new work "è rimasto solo il marciapede" on A come Arno Network


29/06/2016 - Collective exhibition, with my work Satori,  "Confini 13" in Rossano (CS) at Minniccelli Library. Opening on 2th July at 6 p.m.


20/06/2016 - Exhibition with Synap(see) Collective in FacePhotoNews Fotofestival in Sassoferrato (AN) with the work "Parco" , opening on 24th june at 6p.m.


06/06/2016 - Exhibition of my Artist Book "Obscura" in the exhibition "Dummy Photobook" at Centrale Fotografia, Fano (PU)


27/05/2016 - Finalist in Combat Prize! with the work "Isole di Plastica", opening on 25 th june at 6p.m. at Museo Fattori in Livorno.


24/05/2016 - Dependency in South Korea! on prestigious Chaeg Magazine on website and on the paper magazine


20/05/2016 - Collective exhibition, with my work Satori,  "Confini 13" in Cosenza at L'impronta Gallery. Opening on 3th June at 6 p.m.


16/05/2016 -  On 19th may I'll be in Prato to talk about our Synap(see) Magazine "Parco", at 9.30 p.m. in Circolo Il Bacchino, I wait for you!


03/05/2016 - Next Saturday 7th may I'll be in Reggio Emilia to talk about our Synap(see) Magazine "Parco", at 3 p.m. in Atelier Due Gobbi, I wait for you!


10/04/2016 - Collective exhibition, with my work Satori,  "Confini 13" in Trieste at sala Fenice. Opening on 13th April at 6 p.m.


10/03/2016 - Solo exhibition in Perugia Social Photo Fest with my work Dependency! Opening on 11th march at 6 p.m., Palazzo Penna In Perugia


19/02/2016 - Exhibition with Synap(see) Collective with the work "Parco" in Verona at Fonderia Gallery. Opening on 20 th February at 7 p.m.


07/02/2016 - Collective exhibition, with my work Satori,  "Confini 13" in Genoa at Vision Quest Gallery. Opening on 11th February at 6 p.m.


01/02/2016 - My interview in "Maledetti Fotografi" the Book with many great photographers! you can buy it here at the link


20/01/2016 - Collective exhibition, with my work Satori,  "Confini 13" in Pistoia at Massenzio Arte. Opening on 23th January at 6 p.m. I'll be there!


04/01/2016 - I wait for you in Florence next sunday on 10th january at 11 a.m. for a breakfast together and talking about photography!


01/12/2015 - Collective exhibition, with my work Satori,  "Confini 13" in Milan at Polifemo. Opening on 2th December at 6 p.m.


11/11/2015 - Selected for Slideluck Bologna on saturday 21th november in Bologna at Spaziolabo'!


10/11/2015 - Collective exhibition, with my work Satori,  "Confini 13" in Rome at Massenzio Arte. Opening on 12th November at 6 p.m.


20/10/2015 - I will exhibit 1 my little pic single edition in  "Piccole Fotografie da Collezione", in Arezzo at Luciferi gallery, opening on 30th october to 6 th december


28/09/2015 - Selected for the Kathmandu Festival with my work "Hello Dolly!", November 2015


22/09/2015 - Next weekend, 26th - 27th september,  I'll be in Frame Foto festival in Salsomaggiore Terme,  with an exhibition, a conference about my new book Contemporanea and making portfolio reviews


15/09/2015 - Online my interview at the prestigious website Maledetti Fotografi!


31/08/2015 - I will exhibit my work Contemporanea in Spello Photofestival, opening in Via Giulia in Spello on 3th september


14/07/2015 - Selected for the prize Confini13!


12/07/2015 - I was awarded with the second prize in Premio Cuprarte!


29/06/2015 - Collective exhibition "Vedi e senti l'arte. Dall'800 ad oggi" at Wonderwall Art Gallery in Sorrento, opening on 3th july at 7p.m.


22/06/2015 - Collective exhibition "Qui si parrà la tua nobilitate" in Cupra Marittima at Spazio Polivalente. Opening on 26th june at 6p.m.


15/06/2015 - Solo exhibition in Rome at Gallerati Gallery with my work "Hello Dolly!", opening on 18th june at 7p.m.


09/06/2015 - Next sunday 14th june I'll be in Fano (AN) for Centrale Fotografia making a performance with others 24 photographers!


27/05/2015 - My Dependency # 15 is in the project offsiteart! it has been hang up in the center of L'Aquila


05/05/2015 - Next saturday 9th may my exhibition at WonderWall Art Gallery in Sorrento, opening at 7 p.m.


17/04/2015 - At these links you can watch the Contemporanea book Movie!


16/04/2015 - Here you can listen my radiophonic interview!


15/04/2015 - Next sunday 19th april my exhibition with my work Hello Dolly! in Marche centro D'arte Expo, in the collective project "Minima Curvatura, il tempo come differenza", Cupra marittima (AP) at train station opening at 5 p.m.


14/04/2015 - Next saturday 18th april at 3 p.m. I will present my book Contemporanea at Rosignano Foto Festival in Castiglioncello (LI)


2/4/2015 - I'm in the 50 best entries of the prestigious Leica Oscar Barnack Award with my new work "the isle"!


11/03/2015 - I'll be with my Collective Synap(see) at castle Museum in Piombino (LI) to show our new work "Baratti" on 12th march at 5.30 p.m.


5/3/2015 - Here you can read an in interview to me made from Anna Rita Chiocchia


1/3/2015 - Selected for the first shortlist for the Roviny Photofestival


18/01/2015 - Collective exhibition in Milan at Belvedere gallery "Prima visione", opening on 25th january at 6 p.m.


17/12/2014 - I'll be with My Collective Synapsee at Die Mauer Contemporary Art in Prato To show our new work "Baratti" next saturday 20th december at 6p.m.


1/12/2014 - Two Honorable mentions in ND Awards edition 2014 with the project Dependency and Hello Dolly!


27/11/2014 - Contemporanea the book is finally out! you can buy signed copies for 40 euros, national shipping included, for info write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


17/11/2014 - I'll be at Perugia Photo festival on 19th november at 6p.m. at palazzo Penna, for a meeting around women stories of pregnancy and photography, with my project "Piccoli Principi"


05/11/ 2014 - Finalist at the Premio Fabbri with the work "Anomalia Extinta"! Collective exhibition opening on 29th november at 5.30 p.m. at Villa Brandolini in Pieve di Soligo (TV)


28/10/2014 - Exhibition with the work Satori at The Others Photo Fair (with "Una Stanza Per La Fotografia Home Gallery") in Turin, opening on 06th november at 9p.m.


17/10/2014 - My work Hello Dolly! was awarded with the second place in Fine art special effect category professional  in MIFA Moscowfotoawards


02/10/2014 - Collective exhibition Tough & tender at P8gallery In Tel Aviv opening on 02th october at 6 p.m.


29/09/2014 - Exhibition with Synap(see) Collective in SiFest 2014 in Savignano Sul Rubicone (FC) with the work "Golfo di Baratti", opening on 3th october at 6p.m


23/09/2014 - Finalist in New York Photo Festival with the work Anomalia Extinta! The PhotoWorld 2014 exhibition opening reception will take place at The POWERHOUSE Arena Friday, September 26, from 6-8 pm, on the opening day of the world famous Dumbo Arts Festival


17/09/2014 - Hipsta.nothing exhibition in Framephotofestival in Salsomaggiore Terme, opening on 27th september


22/07/2014 - Selected for Lugano Photodays with the project Dependency


30/06/2014 - Hipsta.Nothing was awarded with an Honorable Mention at Px3 prize


19/06/2014 - Exhibition with Synap(see) Collective in FacePhotoNews Fotofestival in Sassoferrato (AN), opening on 20th june at 6p.m.


04/06/2014 - June 8 to 15: Baratti will be under the lens of collective SYNAP(SEE). For 2014 BACO identified in the collective  Synap(see) the group to be entrusted with the vision of the Gulf of


29/05/2014 - Eolo exhibition at Art Of Interior Gallery in Milan for the Photofestival, opening on 4th june at 7p.m.


14/05/2014 - I'll be with LaBottega Gallery at MIA, MIlan Image Art Fair. I'll wait for you there from 22th may to 25th may!


08/05/2014 - Marche Centro D'arte collective exhibition opening on 11th may at 5.30 p.m. at PalaRiviera in san Benedetto del Tronto (AP), watch the catalogue at the link below!


05/05/2014 - Nominee at the 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup with: Nominee in Fine Art | hello dolly! #1, The 7th Annual awards received 7,416 entries from 79 countries and
honored 274 title awards and 864 nominees at the Nomination & Winners


15/4/2014 - Selected for the Art Expo Marche Centro D'arte opening on 11th may at 6 p.m. at Pala Riviera in San Benedetto del Tronto (AN)


07/4/2104 - My work Hipsta.nothing on LensCulture


02/4/2014 - Collective exhibition "Caos" with Synap(see) Collective at Rosignano FotoFestival opening on 4th april at 6 p.m. at Palazzo Pasquini in Castiglioncello(LI)


27/03/2014 - Selected for the collective exhibition at MPLS Photo Center in Minneapolis opening on 16th may at 6.30 p.m. at Mpls Photo Center 2400 North Second Street


27/03/2014 - My work Satori in the Malamegi collection


17/03/2014 - Collective exhibition " Terra nostra " with Synap(see) Collective at Padova Fotografia, opening on 22th march in Jplus Design Via San Pietro 49 in Padua at 4 p.m.


17/03/2014 - Solo exhibition "Dependency" at Fotosintesi Art Gallery in Piacenza, opening on 21th march at 6 p.m


17/03/2014 - Collective exhibition "22 Photographers in 22 Arcani" at Cittadella of Alessandria for the FAI days opening on22th march at 10 a.m.


11/03/2104 - Selected for inclusion in the One Shot: One World Official MOPLA Exhibition, during  the Month of Photography Los Angeles. The exhibition will be hosted by The Loft at Liz's from April 4 to May 12, 2014


20/02/2014 - Selected from Malamegi Company to take part of his artistic collection

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31/01/2014 - Collective exhibition "22 Photographers in 22 Arcani" at Gambarina Museum in Alessandria opening on 1th february at 6 p.m.


24/01/2014 - My work Eolo on National Geographic!


09/01/2014 - Solo exhibition "Dependency" at Spazio 23 Gallery in Genoa, opening on 16th january at 6 p.m.


17/12/2013 - My ebook "Eolo" is now avalaible! Kindle/Amazon and Ibooks/Apple. You can buy here


28/11/2013 - I  adhered to the charity auction arranged by GRIN, italian photoeditors, in Milan opening on 1th december from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


11/11/2013 - I'll be in Photolux festival in Lucca on 23th and 24th november at Expolux with Synap/see) collective


30/09/2013 - Collective exhibition "Cultura+legalità=libertà" against Mafia in Castello di Monte Sant'angelo (FG), opening on 3th october.


29/08/2013 - Hello Dolly! exhibition with Synap(see) Collective in FacePhotoNews Fotofestival in Sassoferrato (AN)


16/07/2013 - Hello Dolly! exhibition in Trentino Immagini photofestival opening on 19th july at Centro Congressi Pine' at Baselga di Pinè (TN)

I'll be there also for portfolio reading on  saturday and sunday


11/07/2013 -  Aperitif with the author on 13th july at 19 p.m. at la Bottega gallery in Pietrasanta (LU) with the psycologist Matteo Toscano and the journalist Maria Tucci


30/06/2013 - Selected for the Art Expo " Marche Centro D'arte " opening on 7th july at 6 p.m. at Pala Riviera in San Benedetto del Tronto (AN)


06/06/2013 - Solo exhibition " Dependency " at la Bottega gallery in Pietrasanta (LU) opening on 8th june at 6 p.m can be found on this page.


11/05/2013 - Collective exhibition " Un'altra Vita " with Synap(see) Collective at Factory10 in Latina opening on 18th may at 7 p.m.


03/05/2013 - One my piece in the Collective exhibition " In Vista " permament collection of contemporary photography of Liceo Artistico Fulvio Muzi, opening on 9th may at 7.30 p.m. in L'aquila in Via Filomusi Guelfi snc


27/04/2013 - Collective exhibition " Un'altra Vita " with Synap(see) Collective at Fotografia Europea photofestival in Reggio Emilia opening on 3th may at 6 p.m. at atelier viaduegobbitre


22/04/2013 - My work " Contemporanea " on YET - Magazine on the issue n. 02


03/04/2013 - Next weekend 6 - 7 - 8th april I'll be with Synapsee Collective in Rosignano foto festival below the program


18/03/2013 - Second place of category and winner of 1 gold award 2 silver awards and 1 bronze award in Fiof Award Nikon Contest 2013 in the category research with the work Hello Dolly!


01/03/2013 - Collective exhibition " Un'altra Vita " with Synap(see) Collective at FotoFabbrica gallery in Piacenza opening on 9th march at 6 p.m.


26/02/2013 - Solo Exhibition "Dependency" in "Una stanza per la fotografia" at Photo LTD in Corso Moncalieri in Turin, opening on 7th March at 7 p.m.


20/02/2013 - Nominee in Fine Art with the work Dependency # 20 in the 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup - professional


11/02/2013 - Collective exhibition and Sotheby's auction " Omaggio della fotografia alle famiglie emiliane vittime del sisma" at Visiva Gallery in Rome, opening on 21th february at 6 p.m.


05/02/2013 - Solo Exhibition "Dependency" in "Percorsi di Luce" at Villa Pomini in Castellanza (VA), opening on 10th february at 6 p.m.


28/01/2013 - Collective Exhibition " Attraversando nuove stanze " at Galleria Marconi in Cupra Marittima (AP), opening on 3th february at 6 p.m.


22/01/2013 - Collective exhibition " Prima Visione " at Galleria Belvedere in Milan, opening on 24th january at 6 p.m.


15/01/2013 - Collective exhibition " Terra Nostra " with Synapsee Collective at WSP Gallery in Rome, opening on 19th january at 7 p.m.


04/01/2013 -  Collective exhibition " Speech about crysis " at EmmeOtto Gallery in Rome, opening on 11th january at 6.30 p.m.


20/12/2012 - Collective exhibition " Fuori5" at Gallerati Gallery in Rome, opening on 21th december at 6 p.m.


14/12/2012 - The work Dependency·was published·on L'Espresso magazine this week


6/12/2012 - Collective exhibition "Cultura+legalità=libertà" against Mafia in San Giovanni Maggiore Basilica in Naples, opening on 12th december at 5 p.m.


5/11/2012 - Open synap(see) - See the contest to partecipate to the activities of synap(see) collective for one year in the link below


28/10/2012 - Selected for the collective exhibition in Emmeotto gallery in Rome next january and in Marconi Gallery in Cupra Marittima (AP) next februrary, in lightroom project by Premio Celeste


10/10/2012 - Collective exhibition anomaliaexstinta opening on 19th october in Florence at Museo La Specola


05/10/2012 - The work Dependency was published on Sette magazine with six pages this week


03/10/2012 - Winner of  the prize Fofu Photo Challenge with his work Dependency and it will be exposed at the Festival, opening on 13th october at 5 p.m. in Fucecchio


23/09/2012 - olo exhibition, with the work Dependency, in Belvedere Gallery in Milan opening on 27th september at 6 p.m.


11/09/2012 - Mentioned in Premio Celeste edition 2012 ( for the third consecutive year )


10/09/2012 - Awarded with an honorable mention with his work dependency in fineart section-other in IPA ( International Photography Award )


07/09/2012 - Present in Bibbiena in Fotoconfronti festival 2012 in two meetings, the first for the introduction of Synapsee Collective, the second for the introduction of his new book Contemporanea, on 22th september at 4 p.m and 5 p.m.


06/09/2012 - With Synapsee Collective in SIFest Off with a Screen exhibition in Savignano Sul Rubicone on 15th september


03/09/2012 - Collective exhibition "Cultura+legalità=libertà" against Mafia in Central national Library in Rome, opening on 20th september at 4.30 p.m.


07/08/2012 - Selected for the online exhibition in the prize The Art of Photography Show


01/08/2012 - With Synapsee Collective in FacePhotoNews Festival in Sassoferrato opening on 31th august


15/07/2012 - Solo exhibition in the Photographic Festival Rovereto Immagini 2012 with the work anima dei, opening on 21th july


22/06/2012 - Monday, July 2nd (morning), Ateliers SNCF, av. Victor Hugo – Arles: inauguration of the exhibition “Atelier REFLEXIONS MASTERCLASS 2002 2012. Une aventure artistique Giorgia Fiorio, Gabriel Bauret”, by Gabriel Bauret and Giovanna Calvenzi. Giovanni Presutti will take part to it with his work Contemporanea in Utopia section


19/06/2012 - Donkey art Prize II collective  exhibition will take place in Milan thursday the 28th of June at the Straf Hotel Via San Raffaele 3, from 6.30pm to 9.00pm


18/06/2012 - With Synapsee Collective in Rosignano Foto Festival opening on 22th june at


11/06/2012 - Finalist, with the work dependency, of the prestigious Premio Ponchielli ( more than 200 submissions )


19/05/2012 - Awardede with three honorable mentions in the px3 prize "Altered Images"


5/5/2012 - Winner of  the first prize in the Photography section in Donkeyartprize


4/5/2012 - Collective exhibition " Energia pulita e territorio " opening on 12th may Galleria della Vecchia Pescheria, Savignano Sul Rubicone (FC).


30/04/2012 - At MIA Milan Imaging Art Fair with my stand in Proposte MIA


05/04/2012 - Collective exhibition " Sguardi su un paese in crisi " at Citerna Fotografia festival opening on 28th april at 11a.m.


01/04/2012 - The work Terra Nostra of the Collettivo Synap(see) was published on the N.52 of the magazine Gente di Fotografia


22/03/2012 - Winner of a gold award and a silver award in Fiof Awards Nikon Contest in the category research


06/03/2012 - Solo exhibition with the work Eolo in Ruvo Di Puglia (BA) at Dominican Convent opening on 10th march at 8 p.m., before at the journalist of Repubblica Antonello Caporale will present his book "Controvento"


01/03/2012 - Selected to partecipate to Descubrimientos Photo Espana 2012


23/02/2012 - For the second time, after 2011, finalist of the Arte Laguna Prize; collective exhibition, opening and award cerimony on 17th march at 6 p.m. in Venice


13/02/2012 - Selected with his project Contemporanea for the exhibition "Urban Visions", opening on 7th march in Milan at Obiettivo Reporter Gallery


02/02/2012 - The work " Terra Nostra " of Synapsee on ilsole24ore


17/01/2012 - Collective exhibition with Stefano parrini and Silvio Canini, " Contemporary World ",  in Galleria Magenta 52 in Vimercate ( MB ), opening on 21th january at 5 p.m.


15/01/2012 - The work La Fenice was published this month in " Venezia made in veneto magazine "


12/01/12 - I'll take part in the exhibition " Photographers days host PHOTO LTD " at Officine Fotografiche in Rome, opening on 18th january up to 22


12/12/2011 - I'll take part in the finissage of the Venice Biennal, opening on 17th december in Turin at Exhibition Palace, Sala Nervi


28/11/2011 - I  adhered to the charity auction arranged by GRIN, italian photoeditors, in Milan opening on 4th december from 10a.m. to 7p.m.



24/11/2011 - Another " Dependency " review ( around exhibition at Galleria lato in Prato) on


17/11/2011 - " Dependency " review ( around exhibition at Galleria lato in Prato)


16/11/2011 - I'll take part in the collective exhibition in Natural Sciences Museum in Turin. "Cultura+legalità=libertà" against Mafia. Opening on 24th november at 5 p.m.


14/11/2011 - Solo exhibition with the work " Eolo "at Provincial Library in Benevento opening on 19th november at 6 p.m.


28/10/2011 - Winner of  the edition 2011 of the prize " Memorial Mario Giacomelli " with his work Eolo


26/10/2011 - An interview to Giovanni Presutti and some images of his work Eolo were published on the number 232 ( october 2011 ) of the magazine Il Fotografo


25/10/2011 - Solo exhibition at LATO gallery in Prato opening on 29th october at 6.30 p.m.


18/10/2011 - Collective exhibition at Heart - Live Space in Vimercate (MB) with the collective " Racconto Italiano "


17/10/2011 - Solo exhibition at IFF Ivrea Foto Festival with the work Findhorn Foundation from 20 to 30 october in Sala Della Torre - Bollengo


28/09/2011 - Awarded with a special mention in Fofu 2011 Challenge and he will exhibit a giant poster of his project " Eolo "in the festival


19/09/2011 - Winner of the third prize in the 5th edition of the international contest Rovereto Immagini with the work " Eolo "


12/09/2011 - Giovanni Presutti with the project " Dependency " on ilGiornale online


05/09/2011 - Selected in Premio Celeste 2011


22/08/2011 - Awarded with an honorable mention in the 31st annual Spring Photography Contest of the magazine Photographer's Forum


15/08/2011 - Awarded with an honorable mention in the Photographic Award IPA PRO with the work Fondazione Venezia in the category " Architecture Interiors"


15/08/2011 - Awarded with a merit award in the international art competion artkudos


05/08/2011 - Exhibition at Photo Vernissage 2011 in Saint Petersburg with the " Synap(see) " collective


25/07/2011 - Exhibition at the Settimana della Fotografia in Castelnuovo Garfagnana from 29th july to 7th august


20/07/2011 - Winner of the first prize in the contest " Obiettivo reporter "


10/06/2011 - Awarded with an Honorable Mention in the 2011 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, professional categories, with the work Findhorn Foundation in the main prize, and with two third places in people's choice awards


26/05/2011 - Exhibition at The Biennale Of The Absurd in Castelvetro Modena from 3th june to 5th


12/05/2011 - Solo exhibition with the work " Little Princess " in Pesaro at Piccola galleria Comunale from 21th may to 22th


12/03/2011 - Awarded with a silver and a bronze award in FIOF 2011 professional awards


06/03/2011 - Finalists collective exhibition of the 5th International Art Laguna Prize, opening and award cerimony on 12th march at 6 p.m. in Venice


28/02/2011 - Winner of the Premio Musa in The Biennale of The Absurd


23/02/2011 - Awarded with a special mention in first edition of photographic award " Sustainable Living in Changing Economy " with the reportage " Findhorn Foundation "〈=it


15/02/2011 - Finalist of the Arte Laguna Prize


30/12/2010 - Awarded with a certificate of excellence in Palm Art Award


20/11/2010 - Winner of the third prize in  XIV " Massenzio Arte " Prize


19/11/2010 - Winner of the third prize in "A better World" Prize with the reportage "Findhorn Foundation"


05/11/2010 - Collective exhibition in Reflexions Masterclass à la MEP – 11/10 Screen exhibition at Mairie du IVème Arrondissement 2, place Baudoyer 75004, Paris


05/11/2010 - Collective exhibition in Lens Based Art Show in Osservatorio Gualino, Turin


20/10/2010 - Selected in Premio Celeste 2010


10/09/2010 - Solo exhibition and Masterclass in Saint Petersburg in Photovernissage 2010 on russian television